From here I discover the art of my neighbors, the people of this town, through small charming places that I find in the accommodations of ConilHospeda. 

The hospitality that once showed our grandmothers with a glass of wine and a plate of olives on the table, today it smells, feels and sees in the love of details, in the intention to like, to make the guest lives its Holidays otherwise, in a special way. 

I have discovered that there are hostels in Conil that have charm and want to make us feel princesses, protagonists of a story in which the absolute comfort is the moral, other hostels want to make us participate in the ancestral art of fishing, with the towers and lighthouses of Our coast as protagonists, with that romanticism, that nostalgia, that melancholy that these elegant constructions recall us and have always transmitted us. There are hostels that make us relive past times, centenary scenarios that, totally renewed, tell us how it was then and how it can remain.

Hostels that have direct and indefinite contracts with the sea, which is always there, on the other side, whispering and rocking when you open a window. There are hostels that squint to the Tower of Guzman and rub shoulders with it, catching its essence to show it in comfortable, warm corners, around a fireplace, geraniums and reading books.

There are hostels here that once caught the Andalusian freshness, charisma and the charm of a style so our such a personal style, that make makes you travel to our roots. There are simple places, which can boast of an enviable cleanliness, also inherited, from the custom of white walls of lime with long layouts in spring. There are places where all the affection is given in the treatment, the care and the comfort. There are hostels, and many, with spectacular views, with movie terraces, and outstanding staff by ten.

There are hostels that sew the sea and hostels that catch its smile, there are hotels that know from their own experience, and that inspires confidence to us, there are places that look out cliffs and sigh, there is accommodation for you, and for you also and for You, be as you are, they want to offer you what you are looking for.

There are hotels, hostels, houses and apartments to live the summer, to refresh yourself, not to leave from there, to fall in love, to dine luxury, to have a spectacular breakfast, to relax, not to walk much, to see the sea close, to never take the car, to feel like at home, to hallucinate, to sleep 12 hours, not to hear anything, to eat on the floor, to go up and down the center, to go shopping, to rest, for the noise, here there are corners that will make you dream, that will make you feel close to nature, live Conil as you deserve, those are the places that always invite you to return.
You can not miss yours, it is waiting for you, go to and find it.